A #SOTB Review – The View From My Sofa


100% agreed.

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It’s Sunday morning. I should be doing all kinds of different things but I’m not. I’m still on my sofa, lap top at my fingertips, searching, viewing, saving anything and everything I can absorb from last night’s Hawaii Five-0 Season 5 Sunset on the Beach. This, after I spent all night last night watching it all unfold on my computer.

First off I want to say a huge thank you to Mike Gordon (@crankydad) and everyone at the Star Advertiser (@StarAdvertiser) and Honolulu Pulse (@honolulupulse) for stepping up and providing not only a great live blog of all the festivities but a continuous live video feed from the red carpet. Thanks to their efforts we were treated to great red carpet interviews from several of the Five-0 stars.

I’m not going to try to do a complete review here. There are plenty of them out there and from writers much…

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Daniel Henney – Sexy Boy (Air) 다니엘 필립 헤니

Daniel Phillip Henney is a…

“C’est l’homme idèal charme au masculin / Sexy Boy Sexy Boy”

Clips from ELLE Korea (Biotherm ‘Still Life’), Celebrity Magazine (It’s been a weird day), Harper’s Bazaar (Ermenegildo Zegna), Hyundai Securities (Able Asset Card), and PRAUD (I-Centric)

Music: Air – Sexy Boy (Moon Safari)

Rain (Jung Ji-Hoon) in “The Prince” (2014)


The Prince (2014) is an American gangster thriller film directed by Brian A. Miller. It stars Jason Patric, Bruce Willis, John Cusack, and Jung Ji-Hoon (정지훈) aka Rain (비).

Music: The Newton Brothers


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Marvel Movies: X-Men-Origins: Wolverine (2009) & Man Thing (2005)

I recently rewatched all the X-Men movies and I must say, I have no idea why so many people (especially movie critics) despise the first Wolverine so much. Sure, you’ll find some shitty GGI (maily Wolverine’s claws) and some plot holes, but this goes for many other movies I know. To me, X-Men Origins: Wolverine is pretty entertaining, since it has a) Hugh Jackman, b) Liev Schreiber, c) the Canadian Rockies, and d) – most importantly – DANIEL HENNEY in it.

Another Marvel adaptation that didn’t work well was the B-movie / telefilm Marvel’s Man Thing. It was filmed in Australia and is only loosely based on the original series of Marvel comics. I was told that the real “Man Thing” was a complex and interesting character, but in this movie it is just hideous and — due to some very poor SFX — simply ridiculous. Do not search for it in my video, I left it out there in its dark damp swamp.