A #SOTB Review – The View From My Sofa

100% agreed.

Hawaii Five-0 Kool-Aid


It’s Sunday morning. I should be doing all kinds of different things but I’m not. I’m still on my sofa, lap top at my fingertips, searching, viewing, saving anything and everything I can absorb from last night’s Hawaii Five-0 Season 5 Sunset on the Beach. This, after I spent all night last night watching it all unfold on my computer.

First off I want to say a huge thank you to Mike Gordon (@crankydad) and everyone at the Star Advertiser (@StarAdvertiser) and Honolulu Pulse (@honolulupulse) for stepping up and providing not only a great live blog of all the festivities but a continuous live video feed from the red carpet. Thanks to their efforts we were treated to great red carpet interviews from several of the Five-0 stars.

I’m not going to try to do a complete review here. There are plenty of them out there and from writers much…

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