Ava Gardner & Gregory Peck in “The Snows of Kilimanjaro” – KARMA (Lady) MV

I first heard that song on True Blood (Season 7) and fell in love with it. I simply had to use it for one of my videos:

“The Snows of Kilimanjaro” (1952)

starring Gregory Peck, Ava Gardner, and Hildegard Knef (credited as Hildegarde Neff).

Writer Harry Street reflects on his life as he lies dying from an infection while on safari in the shadow of Mount Kilimanjaro.

“Kilimanjaro is a snow-covered mountain 19,710 feet high, and is said to be the highest mountain in Africa. Its western summit is called the Masai ‘Ngje Ngi,’ the House of God. Close to the western summit there is the dried and frozen carcass of a leopard. No one has explained what the leopard was seeking at that altitude.”

Music: Lady – Karma (True Blood Season 7 OST)


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