The Art of Big Hero 6: Tadashi and Hiro Hamada


“We wanted a real relationship between Tadashi and Hiro. They’re not too sentimental with each other, they wrestle and beat on each other, but they’re also robotics students, not football players.”

–Don Hall, Director

20150308_10394220150308_10414720150308_104034  20150308_104024  20150308_10420820150308_10405420150308_104109

“Tadashi is a rock who grounds Hiro. His design reinforces that, he has broad, strong shoulders, he’s very clean and simple. He’s sincere and sweet without hidden motivation. He’s just a good big brother.”

–Zach Parrish, Head of Animation

20150308_10411920150308_104156  20150308_104345

Art by Armand Serrano, Jin Kim, Jim Martin, Shiyoon Kim, and Dean Wellins. Source

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