Disney ベイマックス (Baymax aka Big Hero 6) Japanese Book Illustrations









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3 thoughts on “Disney ベイマックス (Baymax aka Big Hero 6) Japanese Book Illustrations

    • I really liked the movie. I recently visited both San Francisco and Tokyo and I think they merged these two cities just beautifully. Baymax ist the cuddliest robot ever and Tadashi was voiced by Daniel Henney (yeah, I like Daniel Henney!).

      I admit that the other “Big Heroes”, apart from Hiro and Baymax, seemed far less important and arbitrary, but I didn’t care. At least they had two girls in their group.

      I was pleased to see it win the Oscar, but also a bit surprised, because I thought they’d pick another movie/studio after last year’s win of (overrated) Frozen.

      How about you?

      • I was surprised to see it win the Oscar – I was sure they’d choose another movie. Baymax was adorable! Very cuddly, like you said.

        I was glad to hear your thoughts on the Tokyo-San Francisco city merge. I’m not familiar with either city & was wondering how realistic it might be.

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