[December 2013 – Elle] Daniel Henney – Best Friends

The Sunny Town

Elle - Daniel Henney (2)

Mango, my love I can’t forget the time I met Mango. She was a very friendly puppy that listened well since the beginning. Back when I was knocking on Hollywood’s door with the movie “X-Men”, I was living in the US, but the process to bring Mango from Korea to the US was very slow. It was frustrating. I can’t say how happy I was the day Mango and I finally reunited at LA airport in the fall of 2009. She was adorable and since she had been holding it in for more than 10 hours, she had to take care of her business on the airport lawn.

Pleasant relationship Soo Hyun and I worked for the first time together in 2010 for the drama “Fugitive Plan B”. We were from the same agency, she could speak English too, so we got more and more occasions to have sincere discussions…

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