[May 2009 – Allure] Daniel Henney – Big Bang! Daniel – Interview

The Sunny Town

Allure - Daniel Henney

This was during the promo tour for “Wolverine”. The photo shoot concept was a killer coming back from a job and to look all tortured and lonely. Basically, everybody was fangirling/fanboying over him during the photo shoot.

Your Korean really improved! How much did you improve compared to the “My Lovely Sam Soon” days?

At that time, I could say nothing but “hello, how are you?” [t/n: “annyeonghaseyo”]. I think I can understand almost nearly everything now. However, speaking is always complicated. I want to do well, so I don’t know if this isn’t reason I’m feeling even more this way.

Your Korean is already great. What else do you want to improve?

It’s because of acting. If I don’t pull off the language aspect, I can’t convey the emotion the way I should and it’s hard to do ad-libs. To me, Korean isn’t just a language, it’s a challenge.

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