[July 2008 – Elle] Daniel Henney – The Hottest Henney – Interview

The Sunny Town

Elle - Daniel Henney (2)

t/n: his Korean is very cute, but he sometimes turns easy grammar structure into something complicated and I get a bit confused, so there might be a few mistakes here and there. There are sentences he says in English too and the editor kept them in English, so I’ll use italics for these ones. And last but not least, I have no idea how I missed this interview when I checked Elle a couple of months ago. On November 16th of 2015, the magazine decided to repupload this 2008 photo shoot and interview, so here we go. 😀

“X-Men Origin: Wolverine” is your first Hollywood movie. What was the biggest challenge for you? Ah, to be “just myself“, because I was very nervous and very tense. When I was acting in a Korean project, everybody knew who I was, but this time I had to prove myself. However…

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