Hawaii Five-0: Don’t Say Nothing (6.13)

One episode, TWO videos. So, here’s my second attempt at ep. 6.13 “Umia Ka Hanu” – Hold The Breath

(find my other video here)

Hawaii Five-0: Chi McBride vs. Mykelti Williamson – Don’t Say Nothing

**SPOILERS** for Hawaii Five-0, Season 6, Episode 13 “Umia Ka Hanu” (Hold the Breath)

starring Chi McBride as Lou Grover, Mykelti Williamson as Clay Maxwell and JoNell Kennedy as Leann Stockwell

Grover travels to Chicago to finally get a confession from his old friend Clay Maxwell about why he killed his own wife.

Music: The Heavy – Don’t Say Nothing

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Hawaii Five-0: Mykelti Williamson & Chi McBride “Short Change Hero” – Ike Hanau (5.20 Instinct)

Scenes from Season 5, Episode 20 “Ike Hanau” (Instinct) **Spoilers**

starring Chi McBride, Alex O’Loughlin, Mykelti Williamson, Kim Wayans, and Michelle Hurd.

Grover’s closest friend’s wife is killed on their anniversary trip to Hawaii, but Grover suspects that he may have killed her. (IMDB)

Music: The Heavy – Short Change Hero (OST Borderlands 2)

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