Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders – Whispering Death (The Devil) w/ Daniel Henney & Yukiyoshi Ozawa

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Scenes from Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, Season 1, Episode 4 “Whispering Death” (SPOILERS)

The team heads to Japan where they assist local law enforcement to investigate a series of homicides made to look like suicides.

starring Daniel Henney, Gary Sinise, Alana De La Garza, Annie Funke, Yukiyoshi Ozawa, Hira Ambrosino, Josh Casaubon, Shu Sakimoto, and Takashi Yamaguchi

Music: Blue Stahli – The Devil (Instrumental)

Alternative Version: Blue Stahli – The Devil (Vocals)

You might have noticed that I use quite a lot of Blue Stahli songs in my videos. If you like his music as much as I do, please visit his YouTube channel or his label FiXT.


Daniel Henney Covers The September 2015 Issue Of Arena Homme Plus


Daniel Henney Covers The September 2015 Issue Of Arena Homme Plus
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Murder in the First: Sick & Beautiful (Taye Diggs, Ian Anthony Dale, Kathleen Robertson)

Wow, what a fierce Season 2 opening!

Murder in the First, Season 2, Episode 1 “Twenty-Fifteen”

starring Taye Diggs as Terry English, Kathleen Robertson as Hildy Mulligan, Ian Anthony Dale as Jim Koto, Mateus Ward as Dustin Maker and Jimmy Bennett as Alfie Rentman. Band on stage: In This Moment (Song: Sick Like Me)

SFPD Detectives Terry English and Hildy Mulligan are quickly thrust into the middle of a brutal onslaught as two students open fire on a school bus in the middle of the city. San Francisco’s finest must work quickly in order to put an end to one of the deadliest shootings in recent history. (IMDB)

Music: Artificial Joy Club – Sick and Beautiful (from the album “Melt”)

So I’m finally on Instagram …

I just shared my first photos on Instagram (YAY!?), all pics taken in Japan, April 2015

April in Kyoto #japan

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Mount Fuji #japan

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April in Kyoto #hellokitty #japan

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Leonard Nimoy: Poet and Photographer

Leonard Nimoy was a man of many talents. Some of his poems and photographs can be found here, here and here.


Time has stopped.
A minute is still a minute.
An hour is still an hour.
And yet,
The past and the future
Hang in perfect balance.
All focused on the present.
A sweet flow of excitement
Warms me.
You are near.
                      –Leonard Nimoy



Help Actress Celeste Yarnall Battle Cancer


Prayers and contributions for actress Celeste Yarnall, (we Trekkies remember her as Yeoman Martha Landon in the episode ‘The Apple‘) She is dealing with a rare cancer at this time and you can contribute to help pay for her care through the link below. We Love You, Celeste! Good Luck,  and God bless you!

theapplehd1007 Celeste as lovely Martha Landon in ‘The Apple’

Nazim and Celeste Celeste with husband Nazim ❤

celeste LLAP Celeste!

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When the going gets tough…

Help a writer

Cristian Mihai

If you’ve been following this blog for a few months, you probably know that I’ve been struggling. Trying to obtain much needed funding for my projects and novels. But also trying to make ends meet. You know, there’s nothing romantic in wondering whether or not you’re going to eat the next day.

Yet I tried my best. I wrote and wrote, and I blogged.

Sometimes I wonder whether or not I should give up. If I’m actually not good enough. But I’ve always liked inspiring people, no matter how I felt about myself or my life. The truth is, I really am a deeply unhappy person. I’m just trying to make everyone else feel better than I do. I’ve always done that.

I just want to do what I love… don’t know.

This website depends on you. My future depends on you. This blog… my career. Two and a half…

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